Getting Connected


Many of The Open University of Hong Kong's computing resources are accessible through the Internet. You'll therefore need to be connected to the Internet to use them.

There are two ways that you, as an OUHK student, can get connected -- if you aren't already.

Any commercial Internet Service Provider (ISP) can be used to gain access to the OUHK's online resources. You should check the OUHK website (IT Support) for more information on ISPs.

If you are using a Notebook computer, PDA or mobile phone with a wireless network adapter which is certified by the WiFi Alliance (http://www.wi-fi.org), you can get connected by using the OUHK wireless LAN (WLAN) service which is now widely available at OUHK.

You can find this logo in locations where wireless LAN service is available.

Wireless LAN service locations:

  • OUHK Main Campus
  • OUHK Jockey Club Campus
  • Kwai Hing Learning Centre
  • OUHK - CITA Learning Centre