You can access the OUHK homepage at http://www.ouhk.edu.hk. Here, as you can see below, there are a number of choices provided to help you find the information and services you'll find most useful.

Current Students

You'll now see the OUHK's student page. To gain access to secure information on the OUHK website, for example your personal information, you must log in to your student account.

The OUHK requires students to use a Single Password for all its online services. If you are logging in for the first time, you need to create a new Single Password. With your Single Password, you can conveniently use all of the OUHK's online services for students. If you are a continuing student, you should also create a new Single Password - this will replace your old password(s) for OUHK online services.

To create your Single Password, go to the Student webpage of the OUHK website, and click 'Communication & Support' and then 'Single Password Management' as you see below. (Tutors should go to the Tutor webpage, click 'Support' and then 'Create Your Single Password'.)

Then, follow the instructions you find there to create your Single Password.

Now you can use your Single Password to log in to all of OUHK's online services for students. Note that you also need to enter your Username when accessing these systems. The format of your Username is lower-case 's' + the first seven digits of your student number. For example, if your student number is 12345678, then your Username is 's1234567'. (Tutors should use 't' + the six digits of their tutor number.)

With your Single Password you have created, you can log in to MyOUHK. After you log in to MyOUHK, you can gain access to all of the online services for students without having to log in again.

To log in to MyOUHK, go to the OUHK homepage, and click 'Current Students' (tutors should click 'Tutors'). You will see the 'Login to MyOUHK' facility: a Username box and a Password box, at the upper right-hand corner of the page. Enter your Username and your Single Password, and press 'Enter'.

(For enhanced security, you can choose the option for 'More Secure Login'.)

After you have logged in, the MyOUHK page will appear (as shown below), where you can use all of OUHK's online services without having to log in again. For more information, see the sub-section What is MyOUHK?

Note: If you like, you can log in to each online service separately (e.g. OLE, Academic Record, etc.), i.e. without using the 'Login to MyOUHK' facility, by going to the service and entering your Username and Single Password.

The OUHK website provides you with a great deal of the day-to-day information you need as an OUHK student. You can find information about courses, career placement, adverse weather arrangements, student organizations, and much more. You also will use the OUHK website to gain access to many of the online administrative support features that are introduced to you on this web site.

Here we'd just like to introduce you to some features you may want to use.

To learn more about MyOUHK's features, MOUSE OVER the items in the figure below.

  1. Greetings - You receive a personalized welcome to MyOUHK every time you log in.

  2. Preferences - Personalize most of the MyOUHK contents and layout using the controls provided. There are two pages for adjusting user preferences:

        display or hide contents on the homepage by choosing from a list of provided pagelets

        set the number of columns and the location of each pagelets on the homepage

  3. Profile Restore - You can discard your personalized settings and return to the latest MyOUHK default profile given by the University.

  4. My Links - Drop-down box containing a list of user shortcuts (bookmarks). that you can add/edit to improve your navigation.

  5. Logout - Click here to logout from MyOUHK.

  6. Pagelet - Pagelets provide the basic content elements of MyOUHK; you build up your MyOUHK page by subscribing to various pagelets, such as Student Announcements, Generic Search, My Tasks and FAQ.

  7. Minimize a Pagelet - Minimize or expand a particular pagelet by clicking this button. The icon will change accordingly.

  8. Remove a Pagelet - By clicking this button, you can directly remove a particular pagelet.

  9. Columns - Columns help you organize your page. You can control the number of columns on your page by the controls provided in Preferences.