The following information is available in the Students portal of the OUHK homepage and Student Administration section of MyOUHK portal.

Course information

If you want to know more about any OUHK course to help you to decide on your choice of courses, you can check out the information in the Current Students -> Academic Services > Distance Learning / Face-to-face Postgraduate Programmes > Programmes and Courses section of the OUHK website to get an overview of the course.

Student records

After you have logged into your student account, you have free access to your personal information, which includes the personal particulars you've provided us with, e.g. your address and contact telephone numbers. You can update your contact information online.You can also have access to your academic record such as your programme of study, the courses you have studied and their results, the credits you have obtained, and the award conferred.

Personal Information

Academic Record

Online registration

During the registration period, you can complete the registration process -- that is, you can choose your course, select the class section (tutorial, dayschool, etc.), and pay your fees -- all in one go. Registration for class sections will be on a first-come-first served basis.


Advanced standing records

If you have applied for advanced standing, you can gain access to data regarding your application including the programme in respect of which the application is to be processed, the application type, application results, the type of credit transfer accepted, and the top-up list to be followed in the case of block credit transfer applications.

Advanced Standing

Financial assistance records

You can access your financial assistance information if you have obtained OUHK loan/bursary, for example, the related assistance reference number, the course code and amounts covered. You may also check the detail repayment record of student loans, such as the respective instalment due dates, amounts and status.

Student Financial Assistance Record

Finding out about the delivery dates of your course material

You can check when the first mailing of your course material is available for collection via the Material Delivery Schedule. The posting dates of the other mailings of your course material and your assignments will also be listed in the schedule as soon as they have been posted.

Material Delivery Schedule

View your own class schedule

At any point during the study period of one of your courses, you can use the Class Schedule function to look up information about your own tutorial meetings, including their dates, times, and venues.

Class Schedule

View Tutorial Arrangements with Tutor Details

At any point during the study period of your courses, you can use the Tutorial Arrangements with Tutor Details function to view your tutor details and class sections of currently part-time (distance learning) courses.

You can find the contact details of the tutor of your class. For telephone tutoring schedule, your tutor has set times in the week when he/she is available to answer your call.

Examination information

You can enquire about the timetable and centres (with addresses and location maps) for all of your examinations and obtain a copy of your examination centre notification letter. Lists of admissible/inadmissible materials for course examinations, approved models of calculators that can be brought, arrangements for language examinations, and examination regulations are also available. In addition, you should print a clean copy of your examination centre notification letter and bring it to every examination. All of this information is available by clicking to access Examination Arrangement Enquiry.

Examination Arrangement Enquiry

Accessing resources for effective learning

In order to help students enhance their study skills, we have provided several resources on effective learning. Here, you will find 'Learning OU Style', an orientation guide which addresses some of the concerns and questions that new students might have.

Assignment and course results

When you've submitted assignments, and after the assignment marks are recorded, you can check the scores for your individual assignments. You can also enquire about your overall continuous assessment score (OCAS) by accessing Assessment Result Enquiry about one week before your course examination. After the course result is released, you can also view your course grade online.

Assessment Result Enquiry

If a resit examination opportunity has been offered to you, you can enquire about the details and choose to pay the resit examination fee online by clicking Confirmation of Resit Exam. You can also complete all the necessary procedures for confirming your resit examination period and choice of tutorial support if applicable. If you are a resit student who's opting to join normal tutorial sessions before taking a resit examination, you can also enquire about class section allocation and the tutorial schedule by accessing 'Tutorial Arrangements with Tutor Details' and 'Class Schedule'.

Tutorial Arrangements with Tutor Details

Class Schedule


If you have successfully completed the required credits and fulfilled related requirements of a programme, you can apply for graduation by submitting the Form G-GR "Application for Graduation" online during the specified periods to be announced on the OUHK website for Current Students (Student Announcement).

Please note that online application is NOT applicable to full-time undergraduate students. If full-time undergraduate students wish to have the credits of course(s) which they have completed in DL mode counted towards the graduation requirement of their chosen programme or they wish to graduate with a lower award, they must submit their application for graduation in paper format.

Publications and forms

Under Current Students -> 'Academic Services' -> 'Distance Learning / Face-to-face Postgraduate Programmes', you can find the electronic versions of the current Prospectus (under 'Programmes and Courses') and Student Handbook. Updated application forms for various OUHK support services are also available online. Check out Forms, where you can download the forms you need.

Student Handbook


Career information and development

In the Career Services section, potential employers post information regarding job vacancies. Useful job search websites are also listed to enable you to stay abreast of the current job market situation.

News for students

You should regularly check out the OUHK's Student Announcement where you can find updated information regarding your studies and support services, and news from other areas such as student activities.